Be Leery of O'Greary...

"Imeacht gan teacht ort!" 

said Seamus to the troll, who began to contort.

Seamus took a deep breath and blew a mighty gust

of magical wind full of sparkling dust.

The troll was in agony, lurching and jerking,

and losing his grip! The charm was working!

He finally let go and fell back to the grass,

Allowing the boat to ascend, at last!

Relieved as he was to be free of the troll, 

Dave would NOT sail the rainbow til he'd accomplished his goal.

"Mr. O'Greary, you're quite kind, saving me from that thing,

but I must get to the water and search for my ring."

"Yer ring?" Seamus asked with an innocent grin,

"Where we're going ye'll find many rings within."

"But this ring is special!" Dave kept begging and striving,

But no. In this boat, Seamus O'Greary was driving.

The End

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