Suddenly, Seamus's boat turned around,

skidding to a halt, and crashing to the ground.

The troll simultaneously emerged from the hut

Growling and spitting and jiggling his gut.

Dave saw it all happen; the boat, and the troll

He had to make a choice. His life, or the gold...

Hmm, he thought. But before he'd decided,

Seamus leapt from the boat and pulled Dave inside it.

Up they flew, and none to quickly...

The troll grabbed the boat and held on thickly.

They were still in the air but just barely afloat,

Oh, how to make the troll let go of the boat?

I know! thought Dave. I'll just use the ring.

It seems to be able to do almost anything!

He stuck out the finger he knew the ring was on,

But, what? No! PREPOSTEROUS! The ring was gone!

The End

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