The King's Ring

"The gold's in the cabin"

Said Seamus with a grin.


Then Dave said heart pounding with glee.

"Thank you Mr. Seamus O'Greary, never have I been more happy"

"It's nothin. Really"

Said the little green man in a hurry.


"Must be off now that ye got yer gold." said the little man, but thought to himself, "If only he knew".

And went to his dug out rainbow flying canoe.


Dave ran up to the cabin.

But stopped short before going in.

He turned around and saw the little boat.

It had already started to float!


Dave Cupped his hands and said firmly.

"Mr. O'Greary! I don't know these lands, if you go, how will I find my family?"

"How you? Err... hehe!"

"Don't worry."

"Ye'll find plenty o maps an all, gold compasses an everythin ye will need."

"All treasures indeed"


Dave, happy like never before, he waved his hand in farewell.

Expecting to see his new friend no more. He knew he would be well.


The boat started going up fast. But then the little man, always with keen little green eyes on the lookout for anything treasure.

Had spotted the magic sparkle of the Leprechaun King's ring on Dave's finger.


And then a tremor shook the ground.

Followed by a deafening roar coming from the cabin, which was heard for miles around.


The End

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