You'll Never Get Me Lucky Charms

The boat raced onwards, through tomorrow and next week
For Dave it was exciting, for his city the outlook was bleak
For he had forgotten, the poor town in turmoil
And at this very moment they might as well be burned in oil

But that part of the story, we'll get to down the road
For Dave was about to find out what he was never told
That Leprechauns are a limey bunch, they're tricksters at that
And this one was especially tricky, green with envy as his great green hat

Alas Dave knew not, what was about to happen
As the boat sailed downwards, towards a small cabin
It landed with a jolt, on a large grassy knoll
What Dave didn't know that this knoll belonged to a troll

And inside the cabin was a hole that lead to its lair
That limey bugger Seamus was about to shove him in there
He pranced and he danced and gave Dave a song and lie
And Dave had no idea he was about to wish he was back in the sky

The End

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