A little luck 'o the Irish

The man was a wee thing, all dressed in green
And Dave had never seen anyone so clean
A rounded top hat covered a read set of hair
But a moment ago Dave could have sworn he wasn't even there

'Me name's Seamus O'Greary' the man said with glee
And he hopped up and down as though he had to pee
He yanked Dave in the small wooden boat
And Dave choked up the water that caught in his throat

The wee man turned his nose up and looked down at Dave
'Now thats no way for a, whatever you are there, to behave
For you see you're about to be rich oh about to be happy'
And Dave felt his heart lift, since life so far had been crappy

The boat suddenly lifted far up into the air
It was riding the rainbow, that really wasn't there
Dave wasn't really educated on physics and matter
He just remembered the last time he almost went splatter

The End

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