A Friendly Face

Dave slowly awoke at the surface of the sea

He was just about to panic, but he realized one thing;

The monster had come when he was gaspin' and flappin'

but when calmly afloat, no harm seemed to happen.

Now, Molemullians knew nothing of rainbows, of course

And Dave just assumed he, himself, was its source

Bright colors shining directly on him- 

Not very important, when you can't even swim!

He tried to relax and think this thing through

"I must find hard land, this blue stuff won't do."

He turned his head left, and what did he see?

A floating thing, made out of wood, like the tree.

Inside the little boat sat a little old man,

He rowed right up to Dave and held out his hand

After hoisting little David into his canoe,

With a tip of his hat he said, "Top o' the mornin' to you!" 

The End

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