The Squid And The Rainbow

It seemed the end for our Hero named Dave
His life was left to the depths below the waves
And all was hopeless, he was to far to escape
From the giant jaws that began to gape

When suddenly before they swallowed him whole
A great weight pounded the beast and caused it to roll
The roll shook Dave loose and he looked down in fear
As four enormous tentacles began to appear

Dave did wait long for the beast to show up
He needed to get air before his lungs blew up
He left the battle to the beasts and swam for the spout
But before he could reach it he quickly blacked out

He floated to the top slowly the air leaving his lungs
Flapping in the current like a curtain caught on rungs
And coming closer to the top a bright line began to shine
A rainbow had hit him, he was directly within its line

The End

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