The Beginning of the Rings

Dave followed the man into a small cozy room

And, astonished, he found grass and flowers in bloom.

And objects, so beautiful and unique every one!

Magic, in this room, surely must have been done.


“Sit down,” said old Fearghal, and Dave sat without delay

Upon a great bed of clovers by a wall of clay.

“I must start from the start, when I was not very old,

A young Leprechaun was I, when I longed for gold.


“Leprechauns, you know, are just humans gone greedy,

We want riches and magic, we become very needy.

I and my friend, long before his downfall

Discovered the most powerful magic of all.


“William, now known as the Leprechaun King,

Thought we would be able to create magic rings

By guiding the magic into one tiny space,

And specific instructions we would put in place.


“Five rings we wanted, but agreed on just four:

One to enchant objects, one to make more,

One to make its wearer lucky and charming,

And one to make him disappear-- how alarming!


“On the fifth, however, we could not agree.

For William desired immortality.

But the ring I designed would work with more ease.

It would rescue its wearer in emergencies.


“So six we created. The four, we would share,

While the other two, his own creator would wear.

In time I became quite content with my treasures

And ceased to be “Leprechaun” by most people’s measures.


“But William grew more and more greedy, although

With the second ring, he duplicated gold like a pro.

He was rich, he had magic, and yet he was still sour.

He began to want nothing more than absolute power.”

The End

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