Stuck like a Shmuck

Out there was a world he could never conceive!

Would he ever make the Molemullians believe?

Light so abundant, and colors so true!

Objects so real, oh what could he do?

With no clue where he was or how to get back,

He HAD to squeeze through that dadgum crack!

Though he knew there would be no Molemullians this way,

There was just no other way to get out of the cave.

...Not that this way was particularly easy.

In fact, this position was making him queasy.

For his head was through and his body was not.

And his neck was beginning to hurt quite a lot.

He twisted his neck to the left, it was sore,

but he saw something there he'd never seen before.

It looked sturdy, his arm could reach it, and pull.

But first he had to get his head back out of the hole.

The End

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