Use Your Illusion

"Papa!" he cried. "I thought you were dead!

Something's gone wrong in my fat little head."

But lo and behold, through a crack in the stone,

A face became clear where the light had once shone.

Dave leaned in closer to get a good look.

There was no mistaking that Molemullian shnook.

"Papa," said David. "It really is you!"

But as quick as he'd come, he disappeared too.

And suddenly, LIGHT! It burned his poor eye!

Molemullian eyes never saw things that bright.

Dave backed away, and looked up, only to find...

In this dark gloomy cave he was completely blind!

He stumbled in circles, groping around,

Feeling the walls and the stoney cold ground.

And there on a wall, his fingers came across

Something extraordinary! Guess what it was...

The End

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