The Great Escape

Dave sat and he stared at the blocked entranceway,
he noticed with dread 2 tears tearing away,
down his cheeks they fled with speed,
and Dave knew crying was something he did not need.

Dave got up and poked, prodded, and slapped
the bigs rocks and boulders that were keeping him trapped.
He knew he must think and be clever about it too
or he might be lost forever and no Molemullian would have a clue.

Dave was a Molemullian, intelligent and brave
but he did not want to spend forever in this cave
He scrunched up his face and though real hard
But his brain seemed bruised, mushed or scarred.

The answer came with a sudden ping!
As from his pocket slipped his father's ring
This ring, you see, was not silver or gold
but made from  thestuff of magic, true and old.

He slipped it on and wished for his escape
and soon he heard a bang and a scrape--
A voice sounded from the other side
and Dave knew it was his dad, and then he cried.

The End

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