An Old Friend

“Step back from the glass,” said a voice from behind

Dave whirled right around, and what should he find?

But a man with a kind, gentle face, and quite old...

And Dave remembered exactly what he had been told.


His want is to help me, this is certain and true,

Relieved, Dave did as he was asked to do.

Stepping away from the giant glass wall,

He asked the old man by what name he was called.


“Quinn Fearghal’s my name,” said the old withered man.

“And your name is David, and you hold in your hand

One of the rings of the King’s precious six

And I wear another, for I’ve played many tricks.”


“The Lady in Yellow said that...” Dave began

But Fearghal held up his old wrinkled hand.

“Shh, follow me, and I’ll tell you the score...

Of the Leprechaun King, the six rings, and the war.”

The End

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