Brave Dave

Silence, darkness, emptiness, and yet - 

Far in the distance he could see a dull red.

Two sets of eyes, not looking his way

Perhaps they still thought him asleep where he lay.

He examined the cave; it was none that he knew.

Similar, yes, but more clammy and crude.

No Molemullian would enter this primitive hollow

And even if one did, no other would follow.

But what were those creatures with red beady eyes?

For David had seen them some previous times...

What did they want with this rambunctious little hellion?

Did they spy on just him, or all the Molemullians?

Well Dave wasn't scared, and slowly he stood

Quietly, of course, because surprising is good.

He carefully tip-toed right up to the pair,

Who suddenly noticed him, and turned to glare.

The End

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