A Thrill for a Kill

The Molemullians, were as they went by,

With dark little eyes, as they'd never seen the sky

Big whiskers and claws, and a snub nose to boot,

And they were all dirty, you'd think them covered in soot.


Now David the Molemullian or Dave as we know,

Would spend hours on his swing, swinging back to and fro

While all the while small red eyes, they would peek

From the darkness of corners spilling over what they seek


Now David the Moelmullian or Dave as we know,

Would pay ignorance to them and that he would show

So taking a chance of Dave being quite alone

They stole out of the darkness and struck him with a bone


The blackness in his eyes came quick as a veil

And Dave felt woozy as though he'd downed a large ale

The little red eyes danced and they shone

And before Dave knew it the whole world was gone


The End

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