Ensnaring, Entwining Childhood Love

Can you hear it like raging rivers like pounding hooves can you hear it the sound of thunder rolling across the heavens that's no normal sound that's my heart beating to the drums to the call of your love feel the fire rise within you with nowhere to go no way to contain it the smoke must escape you turn to your lover and say, from the day we first met my heart beat to the sound of your love like oxygen to my brain I couldn't live without your love love so entwining you captivated my heart and ensnared me ever since that day no escape have I found no escape have I sought.  Like a surging river the banks cannot contain, my love spills over my feelings no longer hidden, I turn to you my childhood love the one I feel so close to no one can take that feeling away no limits can be placed on my love for you no chains can contain what I know is true a love so enriching it keeps my heart beating my love for you more normal than the sound of my heartbeat I have learnt to rely on this love in times of woe my love I fall back on my mind wanders to what fate has in stall for us no longer can I keep it in imploding with all this love I feel. My love for you is real. My love for you is uncontainable. I was wandering the streets looking for someone to love, I felt your love from a mile away like a tidal wave you knocked me you blew me away such love had i never felt before me so oblivious you so full of it, full of love enriching, love entwining oblivious to my feelings I fell into your snare no escape have I found no escape have I sought.

The End

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