Enough: A Poem on Equal Rights to HappinessMature

So Ireland are about to vote in a referendum that will decide whether same sex couples can enter into civil marriage. I am in a heterosexual relationship at the moment, but so many people I care about (and who I will care about in the future) will be deeply affected by the outcome of this referendum.
This is my take on the issue; the world is full of enough darkness and hate, and when love arises from that darkness, it should be celebrated, no matter what form it takes.

I've been to hell, and back, and in between,

Had suffered just enough at seventeen

To spiral into a cycle of pain,

Until it was too hard to love again.

But these things aren't unique, these things that I have seen.

Ask anyone who has properly looked;

They'll tell you that the world's properly f***ed.

The concrete of happiness grows brittle,

If a child dares to smile, just a little.

The fish are in the sea, are constantly unhooked.

What harm in opportunity to love?

In moving forward, when push comes to shove?

What harm in giving everyone a voice,

In not ruling out, but leaving a choice?

To each their own; to each the life they dreamed of.

The End

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