I don’t know much of anything, but I do know how your hand feels in mine. I know how my pulse beats out of time.. I know how you look when you’re looking through me. And I know the sound of your heartbeat.

So maybe I don’t know anything, but I knew you. And that’s enough.

Lately I don’t feel much of anything, but I do know the feeling of 2am. Reliving the night this all began. I know how your collar bones feel under my fingers. I know how the feelings, they linger.

So maybe I don’t feel anything, but I remember how you felt. And that’s enough.

Now I'm finding it hard to believe in anything. Because you drained all the hope away from me. You were the first, and I can't take that back. Two years and counting, I can't trace my way back. The truth is we can pretend like this was a dream, like it never happened, it didn't mean a thing. Just know that I will always remember, because you're the one that taught me to never let go.

So maybe my words are senseless and lacking meaning. But you mean the world to me. And I God, I hope that's enough.

The End

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