Love can be forever, but so can the pain that follows.

You are engraved in me.

E. N. G. R. A.V.E.D. Engraved,

forever, there's no turning back.

Even with all the stuff you packed,

you are still with me. Right here in this empty land.

I may not feel you holding my hand,

but you're in my heart, veins, mind, soul...everything.

I wear my heart like I wear your old cardigan you left.

It is on my sleeve for all to see, with your name clearly marked.

It's there, you're here, but far.

I've picked out the perfect star.

I named it after you with all your brightness and light,

so I know you watch me as I sleep at night.

Although you are not dead in the flesh,

the one I loved, that version of you is in the grave.

No chance that love, your love could be saved.

However your ashes are in me, they sparkle like diamonds.

Our past was as golden as the ring you gave her,

as bright as the star you thought was a plane.

But burnt out like your Nov 5th firework display.

Like my right index finger when I straightened your hair.

Like the times I called and you weren't there.

I wish I hated every ounce of you , you made me cry,

but I love all of you, every peice,

even the part that said goodbye.

I loved you wrong, it eats me alive

and I feel it everyday.

I count them, all of the many ways,

I could've made you stay.



The End

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