Energy Manipulation

I see you as boundless energy

Lost within shades of dark variant watercolors

In order to mold into a Renoir painting

“Bal au Moulin de la Galette, Montmartre”

Is it really that vital to fit in with trapped false joy?


I would rather be like the roaring rivers

Converging in rapid idea streams

Can you feel that mighty presence?

Will you rise above their mental prisons?

Someone has to someday


If you have the order of the equation

Money buys power,

Power corrupted plus war equals more

Then someone will twist the equation to read

War=Money and we lose all our power

The distant future looms

All the forest moves

All my dreams made by muses running through my head


So I’m a running river

Lost amongst rocky cliffs

Turned inside out to find what’s inside

All my muses running through my head

Burned awake!


If you are boundless energy

Then stop assuming that you are pointless

For energy cannot be stopped

Energy cannot be destroyed

You are who you want to be


A rebel at heart for all to see.

The End

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