Endless TideMature

Roll, Roll,

Endless Tide,

Fill the Earth

with Endless Pride


Big man's got a Big Head

Filled with endless dread

By which we all are fed

Through our color T.V.s


Bought off with distractions

we have lost our real reactions

to all things true and real


Cancer's eating up our streets

You forgot there's dirt under concrete

Forgot on top of concrete is your Feet

You think you are floating an inch above


Roll, Roll

Endless Tide

Take all you can

Leave nothing behind


Everyone's got a pill for their needs

A mouth by which we all feed

All the things we can shove into our piece

Just love and fuck and cry


We've all been bought off

So a few can stay in lofts

Living high up at the top

While we crawl around our crops



Roll, Roll

Endless Tide

Roam the Earth

and Forget all Lies

The End

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