Endless Barren Road

Just something random that came to me one day when I was feeling crappy, and unsure of what the future would be for me.
It's a bit rambly and weird. I just hope it makes some sense.

The endless barren road down which I must walk

My feet are cracked and bleeding,

I am longing for the end,

But it will never come,

I will always be walking,

And if I ever find a place to rest,

Or some peace,

I can't stay

I must keep walking.

I will walk away from you.

I'm sorry,

You are my love, my hope and my peace,

But it's killing me to stay with you,

Peace isn't for me

It never was

You are young,

And beautiful

And filled with wonder and new hope,

I am aged,

And old,

I'm tired,

And I can't keep going.

You are life

And I am death

You deserve life

But I...

I will love you always.




The End

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