Ending It

I ponder on the very words
that I spoke to you;
let my mind play with cords
that I thought I wanted too.

But like the night
needs to rest
and how I might
try to ace this test

I still can't do this.
I know it's unavoidable
and I know it can't persist,
but still I know it is undeniable.

I don't feel my heart
stutter, or the arrow 
in my chest, though apart
hurts the most, this road feels narrow

and oppressed. I can't
be with you and lie,
I'm just truly not content--
wishing to see, to scry 

into what may be,
what might not come
is not sufficient to me,
this us can not become

the future that I want.
So please don't utter
painful things; taunt
me with your guilty mutter-

ing words. Let's end it
so you can find
someone worth the forfeit 
of this love to bind.

The End

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