End of the World

Winter has lasted this whole year
the sun burnt out when you came into my life
So much for true love, here’s true agony
seeing my friends with painted smiles
they don’t know but
it’s the end of the world

The sky dissolves and I have feel so exposed
the more I see of you, the more I die inside
My breath is acrid smoke, your kisses are scars
we both share one thing in common
we are apart...
here comes the end of the world

My home town has been decimated
least now I have no pathetic nostalgia
The train station where I waited to meet you
now I can await sweet obvlivion
I am so grateful
it’s the end of the world

This isn’t our time, it should have been
a long time before we met
Everyone is running scared, amidst religious zealots
but I just sit back and laugh
and welcome
the end of the world

The End

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