End of the LineMature

If I didn’t have cynicism, I’d have nothing at all
it means more to me, than I meant to you
I can’t change because I barely know the person I am
maybe I am just not cut out for this life

I’ve learnt to expect everything will fuck up
because all who we love will leave us eventually
Some try and prove it wrong but in the end
our true Natures surface and we can’t handle it

It’s the end of the line
I give up
I give up
I give up

It may be darkest before the dawn
but what if the problems remain regardless?
Even the most callous of us will break down
its true what they say; only the hopeful bleed

Don’t try and pretend you give a damn
you are done with me after all I done for you
I helped you take the strain of a faltering life
but you helped me feel hollow... and that’s how I have felt since

The End

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