I can see the beautiful lights of your soul dancing in your eyes
(I'm captivated)
Each word you speak, each thing you do evokes from me pleasant surprise
(I'm fascinated)
It feels like my heart's melting from the intensity of your gaze
(I'm slowly falling)
The moment is overwhelming, my vision becomes a haze
(I'm silently bawling)
I'm standing on the peak of the world's tallest mountain
My heart's spraying out love like a wonderful fountain
I'm bewitched, transfixed; I'm enamoured

Something in your aura is fantastically beguiling
(I'm mesmerised)
I'm staring at you and I can't keep from smiling
(I'm hypnotised)
Your smile is a brilliant beam of light
(Being warmed by its heat is bliss)
I wonder how I can see, it's so bright
(I'm anticipating a sweet, tender kiss)
I want you to see me, to love me as well
I can't go away: I'm under your spell
I'm enchanted, delighted; I'm enamoured

Why can't you see what you're doing to me?
(I'm crying)
Why are you starting to walk away from me?
(I'm dying)
I know I can't speak: it's because I can't think
(I'm dumbstruck)
To total contentment you are the link
(I'm awestruck)
Don't go: I need you! You're the air I breathe!
You I will always treasure in dreams

I'm wrapped up in joy - you can't take this away!
At night sleep might save me but what by day?
And now you run back and I sink to my knees
And you hug me and hold me, respond to my pleas
And you tell me to never EVER let you go
You think I've not felt this - I already know
You're bewitched, transfixed, you're enchanted, delighted
All the mistakes you nearly made you've righted
And I feel the same, I want you too
You have to promise me you'll always be true
I'm breathless and stunned, weakened and dazed: I'm completely, utterly, absolutely enamoured.

The End

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