Enabling the Heart

broken? decaded heart organ? it's time to heal
*bit harsh and angry, but it helps heal.

Interesting mind and love....oh dear, come further towards me. Why so distant? my love...how could you "hit and leave" from me?

Heart tattered and destroyed...I thought it meant more; I thought it would become a life full of no regrets, white decor, and children's laughter.

Then you lied and left me to die...but my dear, your decaying and suffering each second. I quickly died as I thought you did, but instead your just rotting.

I find it funny, we played our games and had delightful fun in winning, but this time I have taken the award, the prize, and the cherry to your topping.

The love has disappeared, going back into my broken organ healing slowly but perfectly. I adore you...

I enjoy you and you know it...but my love has spread somewhere else, and will travel a distance to find the one who adores me back.

"Despite everything" that's happened...my heart will always contain you, evenif its in the small black portion of my organ.

I will forgive and maybe forget....but let Karma take its course with you dear, while i have front tickets to see the corruption.

The End

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