Empty Words

Idle words are the devils workshop and the house he lives in.

If I could return it

I would and get my money back

Minus the discounts.

But when you let a word go its gone.

If its empty it has to be filled.

With what?

Whatever it was sent to get.

The trouble with empty is the random nature of nothing.

Sometimes you want something but you just don't know what.

And a word comes filled up with just what you wanted for Christmas.

Other times you get something that looks like a fruitcake that no one wants.

Cravings and desires come from the heart.

The problem with the heart is its evil and no man can know it.

So if you don't have a heart conversion the words may come back with evil intent.

And they have power these words.

Even the empty ones.

So how do we fill it with good or God? 

Speak God's after Him

His come prefabricated and already filled up.

The End

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