Empty Space


It doesn't get easier.

They say time heals all wounds,

but I think that time just teaches us

to make those wounds

our new skin.

I have long since accepted that there is an empty space in my heart

that will always long for you two.

And I have "moved on".

I have found myself, I have found a love,

I feel happier and healthier than ever before.

But still,

there is that empty space,

like saving for a rainy day

in the desert.

There is an inch of me that hopes,

and it is only an inch,

but it is there.

I've learned to be okay with that.


There were three of us that loved.

We loved each other, we loved wholely,

we loved together and differently,

and we were wonderfully and dysfunctionally joined in life.

A triangle that stretched and morphed

sometimes all sides were equal,

and sometimes an obtuse angle was left behind

in the cold.

Time has passed.

We've said our apologies, made our amends,

but still there always is that empty space

where one of us used to be,

because our love

existed in us three.

No matter how things change,

that empty space quietly aches

an echo of a hope

that one day, it will be filled.


ME, WE, us 3.

Happier now than we ever were together,

healthier with others than we ever were with each other,

and still, a part of me weeps

for that empty space that will never hold

you, me, and she.

The End

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