Empty Me for I Know Nothing

To a friend who has been going through a hard time.

I see black and white,

diluted in the mass of the same.

I know no silver lining,

no grey in between.

Black and white.

And yet in such a simple existence

I am thinking, thinking…


Thinking of the world beyond

a particular dilution,

thinking of a heart that was empty

for one time, just to understand

what pain feels like.

For once I wish to carry the burden

that the shadows hold onto,

as it simmers within their bones.


And yet,


I want to lay in a meadow of solitude,

and gaze at the stars,

feeling nothing of the ground beneath me.

I want to soar through the clouds,

and feel the vapor blast my face

without a single care…

not a single burden.


And yet,


I do not wish to sleep.

Exhaustion is natural, but

there is no rest for the weary.

Who is to say that the weary are weak?

The ones who struggle with themselves each day

are the most admirable,

because when they win their battle,

they will find their happiness.


And even though I can do my best

to help the weary fight their battles,

I know not their true struggles.

I wish to feel their pain for this reason.

Share with me your burden, so that

we can defeat the demons,

and make yours a bastion of love,

compassion, happiness.


Empty my soul for I know not the weary.

Empty my heart for I know not true pain.

Empty my happiness for I know not sorrow.

Empty me…

for I know nothing.

The End

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