I have a friend, no, more than a friend. But she's drifting away, into a lonely, saddness. I dont want to lose her.
To my little lioness, this is for you.
I will bleed and shed countless tears for you.


Why do you want to leave

When I love you so much

I am near you,

I always will be

You are my sister

You are one of a kind

My friend and companion

Come back to me

Stay with me

Hold my hand

Walk with me

Keep faith

Don't loose any

You are strong and wonderful

In youth may you not be swayed

As tears drip down my face

As they have since Ive seen you deteriorate

You think we are blind

We see,

And I plead to you to hold on for me.

I knew, by your name, you were the one.

You always will be.

Don't leave me empty.


The End

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