Empire Crumbles (Poem)

What happens when the world comes crashing to your feet? Do you stand in the wake or do you fight for justice?

Just a matter of time this has been a long process coming all we are doing is running,


Spinning in circles starting back where we began just trying to make one last stand,


Crumbling earth below our feet standing at the precipice of where heaven and hell meet,


Stand against men clamoring in streets scattered looking for nothing but a bit to eat,


Like a pawn standing before the queen our only job is to protect her perfection,


Scathed but not scarred raise the bar hate against humanity or what may be left,


Chains of tyranny ripped through veins upper echelon so vain to society's pain,


Letters stained with blood of our fore fathers sin inked with the quill in their hand,


Demon takes hold of the signed away soul now you feel like you have lost control,


Moderate hate full force ahead wishing instead you could just disengage from your rage,


Plains butt the edge of a sheer cliff running for escape you are like a rat caught in a cage,


Miles apart freedom just the feeling of a heart torn apart body left as a shell emptied,


Screams feel more like quiet whispers of a cry caught in the storms of another rage,


Turn the page pens run dry wishing for water like a man in the desert wishes for rain,


Beauty found in disaster even when the plaster from a home has been left cracked,


Fade to black hide in shadows taking steps forward just to continually be pulled back,


Play the game don't play me for a fool you know you were always my biggest enemy,


Catastrophe devastate with weapons of distraction polar opposites you're an attraction,


Intersections cutting my heart in sections searching for light when the clock strikes midnight,


Surgical in precision each attack only leaves little scars adding pages to an empty diary,


Alone I break tried to take a stand underneath my feet watched as Empires crumbled.

Ross Wigg©

The End

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