What it means to be noble.

Emperor is not the next in line

of titles after king

but a ruler that overseas an empire

encompassing many varied cultures

races of people

and a symphony of different tongues.

To be Emperor

One needs to exalt the Mother tongue

and glorify the Fatherland

Yet respect and acknowledge

conquered lands

to truly incorporate them into


Emperor, be flexible

in treating your people.


in diplomacy with other lesser neighbors.

And bring your wrath

in war.


feel the thirst

of worldly ambitions

Let it be quenched

only in victory.

Pay no mind to the rats that nibble

at the foot of your table.

Leave their extermination

to us, the ones behind the


And let all who envy you dare

to take you down.

But you are the

Morning Sun

and the

Evening Star.

Lead us,


Let not conspiracies

whisper in your ear.

Lead us, lead us

to a still more glorious


The End

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