Love IsMature

Faliure is a smitten laugh.
From the back of the room.

Heart-break is a pointed blade.
Slit between your ribs.

Pain is claws inside of you,
Tearing down the walls.

Death is a fear that smirks,
Crawling up your back like a shiver.

Anger is raging storm,
Stirring up the rain in your soul.

Longing is a fire,
That burns in the coals beneath you.

Love is a net.
That catches these things,
And banishes them all away.

Love is the sunshine,
That greets you,
Once you've stood in the rain.

Love is the thing,
That we blame for the others,
When it's really the thing,
Picking you up,
When you feel like if you stand,
You'll fall down.

Love is what we live for.

The End

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