Path of LonelyMature

I walk the path of lonely,
Ahead I'm moving blind,
The skies are above me,
I'm leaving the memories behind.

I put my heart in a box,
I swallowed the golden key,
Walked away hollow,
I've never been so empty.

Teeth of fire on my wrist,
I've felt devouring pain,
Look at what I've become,
Power is what I've gained.

Under gruesome moonlight,
I see a reflection,
A face forever changing,
Scarred from lost affection.

I've had my blood boil,
With burns and aching tears,
I've walked the path of lonely,
I see your face my dear.

I no longer listen,
This time I don't cry,
Cause I left my heart behind,
Now it's your time to die.

The End

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