Break FreeMature

Here are some poems based on the emotions of my favourite character, Eva Forevermore. It helps me write her book, and show me what she should be feeling.

White roses are falling,
In puddles of blood,
I'm floating to the bottom,
And not coming up.

I'm drowning hatred,
A liquid like steel,
My lungs under pressure,
I want to break free.

Love is fire,
Heartbreak is rime,
Crusted around my heart,
Cold as a stone.

My emotions are like rules,
Made to be broken,
By scandal and misdeeds,
Cheating and knives.

I've got to break free!
Let me out!
You held my heart in your hands,
And you let it melt through your fingers,
Am I nothing to you?
Do I scare you?
Am I too scarred to continue?

Release me from these manacles!
Cause I'm rising!
From the depths of the abyss!
I've broken free!

The End

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