I've had enough of you and your mates 
The three of you give me the shakes
What with your mind games and control
I just can't let them take toll
I'm pretty lucky I suppose
To be getting out of it now
You've used me for far to long
One of you I used to love
The other two were my mates
But now you messed me up real bad
And I don't want to be like you
Self Absorbed, Violent and Vain
You make yourselves happy by causing people Pain
Take the fourth of our group
You've messed her up so bad
She's paranoid, scared
And you acted like you cared
She hasn't got the guts to say anything though
That's where I'm lucky I suppose
I have the guts to make a stand
Against you and your little band
All you are pieces of trash
And one of you flaunts your cash 
One of you cares about yourself and no one else
And  you are now indifferent to me 
It took a day walking round Stratford for me to see
That you are completely different to me
And I'm lucky that I have friends that I can trust
And I'm lucky I'm leaving you three behind
And now I'm gonna start being kind
Because I've left you and that life behind 

The End

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