I sit in my room, on my bed 
I don't know if you are alive or dead
You've been gone a week or two 
On a police mission, that they gave to you
You said you had to go
Had no choice, couldn't say no
I have been glued to the telly
This past week
Hoping, praying that I'll see you soon
Hear your voice, feel your touch
Reminisce on all our luck
It's morning now and I hear a car
Drive past the window far too fast
I resign myself to the fact it is not you
There has been no notice on the news
But then I hear a key in the door
And I hear shoes on the floor
I run to the door as fast as I can
Smile as I see you with a really good tan
I run into your arms, give you a hug
And a kiss for good luck
But then my heart breaks in two
As I see who is with you
I see your old flame, smiling behind you
And I feel the tears start to flow
As I hear the voice I  used to know
You must have felt me tense in your arms
But then you whispered to be calm
He was only here for a day
And she wasn't going to let him stay
He came in the door and wrapped an arm around her waist
But she pulled away in haste
He looked shocked at the rejection
But more shocked at our affection
And then he turned around
Opened the door
Left her and me standing in the warm
As I heard her voice and felt her touch
A touch that was mine
And I know a touch isn't much
But then I open my eyes
Realize it was a dream
But then I feel a familiar touch
And I see her holding my hand
I am in a hospital, I can hear a band
She smiles at me and cries with joy
And then he is there smiling to
As she kisses him on the lips
My eyelids slip
And I go to sleep for good this time
Resigned to the fact you can't be mine
That I can hear your voice, Or feel your touch
Why oh Why do I have no luck  

The End

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