I am on the ground 
Curled up small
I will never see the whole wide world
Although the world can see me
I know that this can never be
You are standing far away 
You stare unblinking
Then look away
You know what you've done
The pain you've caused 
Which is why you stare 
Act like you don't care
I look up, look around 
Catch your eye and then look down 
You saw my tears, my pain, my loss
I saw that you didn't give a toss 
You ran straight to me then 
But he pulled you back 
Said you don't want to be friends
With a girl like that 
I heard the words, heard you laugh 
Heard the malice in the lie 
And then looked up, stared you in the eye 
You faltered again, stopped in your tracks 
Said to him, I can't leave her like that 
There was a crowd gathered now 
And they saw how you were acting like a cow 
But then they saw the girl I knew 
The girl who told him No, Screw you
You ran through the crowd and straight to me 
You whispered sweet words and kissed my lips 
While they looked on
At a girl in bits
With the one she loved 
And then I saw the crowd get shoved 
The boy came through 
Stared me down 
But you stood defiant, stayed by my side 
He said you were a hag, I were a cow 
But we just stood there, I don't know how 
And then he smiled and turned away 
Grabbed a gun and I heard him say 
If I can't have her 
Then neither can you
Pulled the trigger
I thought we were doomed
But he had pulled the trigger at himself
I saw him fall to the ground
And my heart began to pound
I looked at you
Saw you stare
At the boy who was there
Lying on the cold, hard ground
Staring you straight in the eye
I pulled you away
I couldn't watch
You wrapped an arm around my waist
And dragged me along in your haste
It had started with a stare
And ended with one too
He had been happy to be with you
I was happy in a way
I had lasted another day
And now my heart began to heal
All because of one long stare
At you, when you didn't care



The End

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