Love Story

It was a love story
A Romeo and Juliet type tale
It wasn't based on glory 
But now it's gone stale.
To your face I say I'm not bothered 
But behind your back I'm bothered 
I want you to be happy 
And I know you won't be happy with me 
I hoped to stay friends but I don't know if my heart can take the pain
And I know if he sees my heartache he will only gain
He'll gain the knowledge that he is hurting me 
And he'll do it more but you'll never see 
He'll blind you with love and happiness 
And in front of you he'll smother me with false kindness
But behind your back 
It will be all hate and attack
I'll put on a brave face and I'll pull through 
Because I would do anything for you
I will be there for you in the shadows
Just in case you get hurt 
But somewhere deep inside 
I know that you'll just lie 
Say I'm not hurt 
Then turn away 
Straight to his arms for another day. 
And I will cry and weep and sob 
At what that boy has successfully robbed
He has robbed my heart and soul
My only reason to live
And know I have nothing to give
For you still hold a part of me inside
That I can't claim back
I haven't the strength
But someday I will have it back
And on that day I'll snap and you'll attack
And then I'll know that it is time
To cut all ties and save my life 

The End

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