I handed you something fragile
Said it was forever yours
The piece of my heart was small at the time
But over the months it grew and grew
You made a promise to me
One you kept a while
Until one day you turned around
Looked me straight in the eye
Took that piece of my fragile heart
And snapped it in two
I felt an immense pain in my chest
And I wanted to be laid to rest
Left in a shaded spot in a quiet place
So you couldn't see the tears on my face
And I couldn't see the malice in your smile
As your handed back that precious piece of my heart
And looked me in the face
And said
Oh well it was worthless anyway
But I saw the smile, you saw the tears
And you laughed as I hit the ground
The last part of my heart began to pound
And I knew it wouldn't be long till.......
You broke that part as well

The End

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