I went back in time
To find my heart
Found every piece
Every shard
And now I find it really hard 
My shattered heart is incomplete
And I cannot complete the fated feat
For you hold a piece of my heart 
But I cannot put you in the past
You never disappear, never go
You are either cold like winter's snow
Or bright and breezy like a summer song
And I cannot extract that shard from your glow
I loved you, long ago
I still do if the truth be told
I need you to give me back my heart
And maybe yes we can restart
But I know that I can't put you in the past
As you hold the most important shard
Every other piece was scattered around
Some buried deep in the ground
Some floating around in the sky
Some in the soul of people's eyes
But the part the you hold is buried deep
And I told you long ago, it was yours to keep
But now I break that promise true
For now I mean nothing to you
I am just a person at your dispense
Not a friend or even a foe
Just a nameless face you used to know
A nameless face you used to trust
A nameless face you used to love
A nameless face of your past
A nameless face that did not last
Your lucky in a way, I know
You cast me away in time, long ago
But I did not, couldn't as you can tell
I still pine for you, I still dwell
I cannot put you in my past
For you hold the very last
The last little scattered shard
Of my bruised and battered broken heart 

The End

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