You're trying to educate me,
You're failing.
You're trying to engage me,
It ain't working.
You're trying to tell me something important,
Pity I keep falling asleep.

Your long lectures simply bore me,
Your jabbering's like a drug.
You're as dull as watching paint dry.
Mean, but very true.

Why don't you just go pester someone else?
Stop wasting your time with me.
If you want responses, I'm not giving 'em.
So take your blathering out of my face.

You think I'm a hopeless case,
Why don't you just give up?
You say I'll never get anywhere,
Then why do you bother at all?

Buzz off you stupid prat,
You're getting on my nerves.
You think you're inspirational...

But you just bore the snot out of me.

The End

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