No one notices
My faked smiles
And tears that dances

They don't know
How much it hurts
How their words are a blow

I know that it'd never happen
That I'd never find love
And that has left me misshapen

By the fact that you make fun
Pretending to love me
When it's all just one big pun

It's all a joke to you
To laugh about with your mates
Your popular crew

To make me a laughing stock
Someone to point at
And to always mock

You've left me broken inside
So humiliated
And now you ask why I cried

Well let me tell you
How much I hate
That you have no clue

When your the one
Who just proved
That I am just to make fun

That I will never know what love
Is like for now I know
That I shall never be a dove

And so I thank you
For making it clear how alone
I will always be and that you knew

I'd never find love and I
Was just a joke
To be laughed at in the eye

The End

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