That little girl

Locked away in her mind
is where she is or no-one to find
theres no way in, no way out
as she sits sorrounded by her sins

trapped forever, with no-one to blame
for that little girl has taken all the shame
seeing love and happiness brings her sorrow
oh how shes wishes her heart was hollow

for tht  little girl cannot see the people around
but when she shuts you hear no sound
as she sits alone with her blade
no-ones there, she cat be saved

as it kisses her wrist for the final time
the warm, sharp sensation makes her whine
she watchers the scarlet tears run down
as she sits there trying to make no sound

her breathes grow shorter
her heart beat is no longer
mummies little angel is dying
no-one heard her when she was crying

as she locked away in her mind
is where she is for no-one to find
all her parents did was sigh
now there the ones who never got to say goodbye

The End

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