I Know

I know what you all think of me
You're thinking that it's so easy
As I wonder what move to make
Knowing I'll make another mistake

You think it's my fun and games
I hurt someone, "Oh, what a shame."
That's not what I aim to do
But you don't believe that's true.

You think I laugh in their face
When I put them in their place
By messing with another guy
But all I think is "Again? Why?"

To you it seems I'm in his room
Fighting to make his lust bloom
Or just around the corner with him
Wanting to have another fling

I swear to you all it's not like that
My efforts against them just fall flat
And I end up giving in
To anyone, to her, to him.

I'm labelled cheater for it all
And I deserve to feel that small
Though I know I don't mean to hurt you
I do. Oh God, I know I do. 

The End

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