Unspeaking Coward.

We're together night nand day,

through it all; we've ben together.

I think of you non-stop. But is this one-sided? Are you just sticking with because I'm lonely?

Do you pity me?

I want to ask, 'why are we friends?'

But everytime my mouth opens, nothing but air spills from my lips.

Words don't seem to want to come out.

I want to tell you all the lies, all the secret's I've been keeing locked up in the chambers in my heart.

Will you hate me if I did that?

Do you pity me?


You thnk your the closest person to knowing all of those secrets, but the only person I can trust is myself.

I have too many run-ins.

If I tell you this, will you hate me?

I want you to just be able to see,

that I'm acting odd.

Is this one-sided? Do you really like me?

I'm keeping everything from you. You only know the outer shell.

I'm sure you pity me. I know you pity me.

I guess I should just give up.



I'm weird, I don't like many people, I'm picky, and I'm secretive.

But you told me this: 'I like you.'

And thats all I need to keep my heart beating.

Thats all I need to keep me happy.

The End

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