Why can't I feel, why can't I see, why am I the only one
Waiting for when they realise, that no, they are not done
You left me out, you sadists, you left me here to die
You kept away the knowledge of, knowing how to cry
They all say, that I'll be fine, but now I know they lied
Cause all the feelings left inside, all of them have died
I wish that I could feel this pain, and really, truly see
But now I know, that I won't, becuase, you left out me
I'm stuck here now, just faking it, just giving it my all
But still you leave me just one thing, a simple silent call
Of nothingness, thats all I feel, just simple nothingness
And how the hell did I ever, get into this mess
It wasn't my fault, but you left me out, in the cold with no way in
And you liars thought that that, was the way to win?
Well it isn't and it's not, you'd better put things straight
Love, joy, peace and happiness, and even maybe hate
Because I want my feelings back, I want them back today
I want my true emotions back, that's all I have to say

The End

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