Emotional Rollercoaster [poem]

Poem about basically not understanding why a teenage girl can go through so many emotions in such a short space of time (:

I storm through the door at 100 miles an hour,

A scowl so fowl and a face so sour,

I race up the stairs and shut myself in,

Dressing gown on, and  music plugged in,

Now you wont see me til the next day,

I'm up, I'm ready, and then I'm away,

I come home in the evening, all giggles and smiles,

I know you haven't seen me like this in a while,

But clearly somethings happened, Im happy again,

A new guy, a good grade, or just a best friend,

Until the next calamity, when I go out on the town,

One bad experience, and I'm back with a frown,

But maybe by morning, having had some space,

Ill be back down those stairs with a smile on my face,

I may dress all in black, or dye my my hair blue,

I may use fake tan, and it might not be you,

But trust me, I'm sane, its just part of the fashion,

It'll just be a phase, not a long lasting passion,

And to dismayed parents, please listen up,

Your sweet, stroppy angel with change as they grow up,

So go along with the tantrums, the laughs and the smiles,

Trying to change them just wont be worthwhile,

Don't believe the doctors,  it isn't a crisis so major,

It is simply a symptom of being a teenager.


The End

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