Emotional Pain

This is about how it feels to have your heart broken. And how you feel you can't carry on.

Blind to emotions,

All you feel is pain.

Stumbling and falling,

Not wanting to get up again.


Energy doesn't exist,

Only hurt and confusion.

But why would you care?

You're always refusing.


On my face there is a picture,

Never fading away.

The paint used is permenant, 

Always going to stay.


Such a happy person,

Nothing could go wrong.

But have you saw me really?

I'm barely hanging on.


Take a closer look,

And you'll see all the hate.

Maybe then you'll understand,

We don't all have good fate.


I'm just an example,

Of what we're really like.

Maybe if you understand..

Life isn't right.


So my advice would be,

To never fall in love.

But that would be silly,

Because that's what makes us, us.

The End

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