Ah, yes
let it overtake
I feel the ongoing rush coming through
It's raspy voice slithering itself around
etching into the soul
purging it
It shows me my hell
but it does nothing to offset my path
Only analyze the details of the known
and procrastinates around the answers of the uncertain
This process is repetitive
It has always been
but somehow the cycle seems
to play a new song inside the same void
over and over again
and each time
it seems as if a new beautiful agony has relished itself
in my presence
Drawing my awe and wonder
Taking the breath from my lips
wrapping me in its soft embrace
and feeding me the side that allows me to be who I am
not the pessimist
not the optimist
The sight before me becomes clear as day
Because as the thoughts wonder
and the possibilities of tomorrow become more rampant
it becomes easier to live in this moment
and to not worry about the pressure in my chest
or the vivid disturbances during my slumber
Things will happen that are out of control
regardless whether we want them to or not
But that fear doesn't hold me
These questions linger
but they no longer disturb me
because I've embraced the emptiness
So let the darkness approach
Let the melody croon
Let the terrors be relentless
Show me my hell
And wake me once I've lost the person I am

The End

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